Building my own site on bluehost

1. just sign up to bluehost and get your domain

2. use a ftp client to upload your files.

ftp host:

username/password: same as how your login to bluehost cpanel

3. I have setup several site like cms, forum. uploading unarchived files is a pain in the ass to me. So, your can setup a SSH in bluehost cpanel. Then you can connect to your ftp through a SFTP client. I use WinSCP. You can then upload .tar and unpack it at server side.

I later figure out that file manager in cpanel can do compression and extraction, save the time for ssh setup.

4. when your are installing something link joomla, the database host should set to localhost.

5. After all this steps, you can go to your website like in another domain name. Let say it is This is achieved by adding subdomain from bluehost cpanel. This service is totally free.

I will post more content on how to setup your own website after I have done more things, see you next time.


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