Ubuntu on VMWare as guest OS

VMWare is not so difficult to use, so I am not going to explain it.

Just give a few getting start tips.

If you are not sure about those setting, here is what you can try

1. virtual harddisk use SCSI adapter setting.

2. network use bridged setting.

3. add usb and audio by device wizard.

Once you are in your guest OS, two hot-key your must know:

1. ctrl+alt to get your input device out from the guest OS.

2. ctrl+alt+enter to shift to full screen and get back.

After these, you may find your mouse scroll not working.

Here is what you do:

run this in terminal : $ sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Find Option “Protocol” “PS/2” and change it to “IMPS/2”

then restart X windows by ctrl+alt+backspace.



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