Very Common Server practices

I am not a server administrator person, but recently have a chance to setup some simple server.

There are a few things almost all server setup will go through.

Almost any server will have a raid for redundancy, thus a raid controller present. Raid 1, raid 1+0/0+1, raid 5 are very common choices.

If you are using Windows OS, you may add third party drivers when you intall them. You can either use a usb floppy to inject drivers while installation. Or a good choice is to pack those drivers using nLite. nLite is a software that can help you make a custom intallation disc, you can do many things other than adding drivers. you should have a valid license to do this of course. =D

One thing worth knowing is you may not find the driver from your server producer website, this happens quite often if you are using HP products. You should look for your chip type (not the controller type) and then find it’s driver on the chip manufacturer website. This is what I do with LSI SAS controller.



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