My Experience on developing Business Solution

I have developed system under CMMI Lvl3 control and adopting Agile, Extreme Programming.

But I think each type of development process have their pros and cons. We don’t need to follow them exactly the same as others. Only some of their ideas I find out which are always good to follow.

1. Setup a source control and do continuous integration by build script.

2. Try to get a copy of real data from the client before developing anything or generate one dummy data that have the exact schema as a real data.

3. Make mockups and fake program flow to let user see if that is what they want before writing any code.

4. Try thinking of how to test your piece of code before implementation.

5. Try to find some automation test to test your growing application.

6. List out tasks which need to do before doing anything, and note their progress, on a team base. That is, you and your teammates knows each other progress.

7. Remember to give Core, UI, Test time period in ratio 1:1:1. Don’t underestimate the latter two.


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