Hidden field in ListView, for my Guid, or just hidden field.

Their are many times developer bind their data from database to the user interface and we wants to know what the user has chosen.

But in the meantime, the user will never wants to see the Guid. So what we need is a hidden field or a branch of hidden fields.

If you try to do this by a label with Visible=”false”. You won’t get what you want. Because ASP will just skip rendering not visible controls. They don’t even exist in your user interface.

We should use HiddenField and assign the Guid to its value. I do this in my ListView template and get the Guid back by FindControl().

開發網頁系統時,很常把資料庫的資料跟介面結合,然後我們想知道使用者選了甚麼項目,勾了那一行裡的checkbox. 但同時我們不想使用者在介面上看到Guid. 所以我們需要隱藏欄位.

如果你把Guid放在一個Label並設定Visible為false,那並不能成為一個隱藏欄位,ASP會在繪制UI時就不會繪Visible為false的控制項,它不存在你也取不出Guid.所以我們應該產生一個HiddenField控制項,把Guid存進去它的value. 我在我的ListView裡的每一行加一個HiddenField,再用FindControl()把Guid取回來.


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