Setup IIS build-in FTP 設定IIS預設FTP

I am using 5.0 as an example. I setup FTP in server 2008 using IIS 7.0 too. There is not much difference.
First of all, I assume you have experience setting up FTP, using Filezilla server maybe. You have to setup basic settings like connection, port, etc. And then you add user/group’s access rights.
In FTP of IIS, it is a little difference. It use system accounts. So you have to turn on the FTP publish service and run the FTP. Go to control panel, add accounts for FTP users. You can then add virtual directory in the FTP station. You also need to go to that actual directory to do appropiate setting to the directory user rights. Then you also have to setup read/write permission in the FTP virtual directory. kind of clumbsy.
After going through all these, you can try to login with some thirdy-party FTP client. If it gives you a 5XX error telling you that your account is not correct. It may not be what it means. You have to turn off anonymous login from IIS FTP to use system account to login. Very Weird logic to me but M$ just love to do things in this way. Just get used to it…
我會用5.0版做例子.我在server 2008使用IIS 7.0版建立過FTP.方法也是大同小異.


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