Try MS Chart Control with Normal Distribution Sample

There is a very good introduction blog post here.

This new control is amazing. Ajax real time update, So many types of chart, 3D, common statistic feature, etc.
And it is good looking.


這個新的工具真的很酷. Ajax即時更新, 非常多種類的圖表, 3D圖表, 一些常用的統計功能等. 而且風格蠻好看的.

This is the application which I use to test integrating some skills.
1. Multithreaded Application to show progress of lengthy calculation.
2. Generating Normal distribution outcome sample with box-muller formula.
3. Draw a chart with the chart control.
4. Create a Setup project to wrap the application into a installer.

1. 多執行緒,讓介面顯示長時間計算的進度
2. 用box-muller公式產生符合常態分佈的亂數
3. 畫一個圖
4. 用一個安裝專案包起來,產生安裝檔

Here is what it looks like. 截圖
10000 outcome
1000000 outcome

Here is the link to download the application.

I will talk about different kind of data source and some basic setting of the chart control next time.


2 thoughts on “Try MS Chart Control with Normal Distribution Sample

  1. Hi , This is a great post. However I do not know how to plot a normal distribution curve. Could you please help me with the code?
    I have a similar requirement to build a normal distribution curve using ms chart control using c#

    • Hi, I draw my curve by generating Normal Distribution outcome.
      But MS Chart Control have already build-in statistic method.
      You can download their sample and take a look. The sample contain normal distribution sample.
      But if you what to generate it by yourself just like me, you can take a look at Box-Muller method.
      And if you need me to help with your code, send me email with your source and tell me what you need in detail.
      I think you can find my email in this blog, if you didn’t find it. Just leave a comment and I will send you email.

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