Remembering ListView page index and restoring it.

I am using ListView with DataPager to get a paging feature of my list.
I want to redirect my page when I click on an entry in the list view, show some detail information.
When I am done, I want to go back and view the exact same list of information.
That is, remembering the page index.


Inside your ItemCommand handler method, use the following code snippet to find the correct startRowIndex

//index of the clicked item within the whole list
int l_dataIndex = ((ListViewDataItem)e.Item).DataItemIndex;
//minus the index of the item in that page = startRowIndex
int l_startRowIndex = l_dataIndex - ((ListViewDataItem)e.Item).DisplayIndex;
Store this index whatever you want, I store it by using GET method.

Why do I call the above correct startRowIndex and not using the DataPager.startRowIndex?
Because we are going to use DataPager.SetPageProperties() in Page_Load() to restore the page we previously looking at.

dataPager.SetPageProperties(l_startRowIndex, dpg_dataPager.MaximumRows, true);

This will bring you back to the page as we expect. But after this call.
The startRowIndex won’t update now even though you click next/previous to change your page.
That is why I said this is not the correct startRowIndex. You can try this youself ^^.
這就是為甚麼我說上面的才是正確的startRowIndex.你可以自己試一試 ^^.

It turns out that I have done something stupid. The SetPageProperties() have to be inside IsPostBack to work correctly.
Result in something like this.

//in ItemCommand handler
url += "&startRowIndex=" + dataPager.startRowIndex;

//in Page_Load
if (!IsPostBack)
dataPager.SetPageProperties(startRowIndex, dataPager.MaximumRows, true);


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