What the hell is SOA?

SOA stand for service oriented architecture, has nothing to do with technology being used.

Define :
Unit – a unit can provide many service, for example a school department is a unit.
Service – an independent logic/process, such as registration service of administration department.
定義 :
單位 – 可以提供多種服務,例如學校行政組
服務 – 一個獨立的邏輯/流程,例如行政組的入學登記服務

SOA purpose is to let those services continuously being developed and accumulate, running separately. Cluster into new service.
In developer point of view. They should think of how to develop service instead of application. Think of stacking old services
to create new service. And the terminal of this is applications which consume services. In other word, think in the service oriented way.

About the technology, we need to use open standards, such as web service, xml, ODBC, HTTP, etc.
Different web servers provide different services. When creating new application or service, you can consume multiple services from different source,
and then combine them into your new application or service.
關於技術,需要透過開放標準來組合服務,例如web service, xml, ODBC, HTTP 等.

– service can explicitly reuse and accumulate
– integrate resources from different sources
– easily introduce redundancy
– 服務可以較明確的重用/累積
– 整合不同來源的資源(前述的服務)
– 更容易做redundancy

OASIS defines SOA as the following:
A paradigm for organizing and utilizing distributed capabilities that may be under the control of different ownership domains. It provides a uniform means to offer, discover, interact with and use capabilities to produce desired effects consistent with measurable preconditions and expectations.

總結 : 在投入大量資源做SOA後,最難的就是怎樣去Discover那些service和安全性問題


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