Branch in Visual sourcesafe

Amount all those version control system, visual source safe is not the best one for sure.
And maybe the worst…but company policy, so…
No matter what you are developing, branching will come to your face one day.
It is not that straight forward for roll-back and branching in VSS.

In the Visual SourceSafe Explorer, right-click on the project that you want to branch. Then Select Show History.
In the Project History dialog box, select the recursive option if all subprojects and their files are wanted. Click OK.
Select the version you want to branch, and click the Share button. Select the branch after share on the lower left.
Select the project in which you want to create the new branch. Click OK.
In the Share dialog box, type the name you want to give to the new branch and
check the recursive checkbox if you want to branch subprojects. Click OK.


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