About Maxi

Just started to be an indie game programmer. If you are interested in game making process, feel free to contact me.

Right now, I am creating my own 2D Super Mario game. not so creative but this will let me get a grip on game programming. My dream is to have my own studio like Crate (Grim Dawn producer) and create my own game.

A bit about game making, Programmers and Artists ratio should be 1:3, for mobile or casual game, 1:1. so if you are an artist whom are interested in indie game making, contact me!


Following is a boring business self-introduction…

I get my bachelor degree of Computer Science and Information Engineer in National Taiwan University. I’ve had chance to further study master degree in National Cheng Kung University but I gave it up.

I then worked for Culurecom in Macau for a while, working on school and factory management system. Covered user control, calculate attendance and etc.

Later on, I go for a job huntering in Taiwan. Qicsys was willing to hire me. I learned something about email server but end up with not approve to work by CLA of Taiwan.

I then worked for Macau New Technology Centre as technical consultant. Manetic is a CMMI Level 3 company. Worked on some business websites using Joomla. Then aids Performance Oriented Parallel System Ltd. work on 2nd Asia Indoor Game Management System using Microsoft Technology, IIS+ASP.NET+MSSQL. Then adopt Extreme Program and Agile Modeling through their Exhibition Management System with the help of Visual Paradigm mentorship program. using Java technology Java+Spring+Hibernate+JbossAS+MySql. Learned a lot of very useful techniques: Stand Meeting, Pair Programming, Test Driven, Continuous Integration, etc. During my time in Manetic, I attended many seminars and workshops which vendor partners hold: IBM’s on AIX, Sun Microsystem Java User Day, VMWare workshop, etc.

I am now working for AnaSystem in Taiwan, HsinChu. They are experts in automation system: Solar power system, Water Conservancy System, etc. I get my permission to work from CLA with my experience and the help from AnaSystem. They are Microsoft partner. I am working on Web UI, Report generation and Management System as I did before.


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