Ziddu Downloader Project Pending

Because it is so much more fun to develop game and since I am not using Ziddu that much.

This project will go to pending.

Little Game with Irrlicht

Try to make a little game with Irrlicht engine.

Don’t have a paticular type of game in my head yet.

Maybe be start from a simple one then move on to Zuma like game.

Then once I am comfortable with Irrlicht, I will consider moving to OGRE or some other powerful engine.

This is going to take a reeeeeeeeeeeally long time.

If you have any idea of a simple little game, inspire me.

For now, an multiplayer RPG like ‘Battle Royale’ or the classic Tetris, maybe.

Ziddu Downloader Part 2

I have not get my hands on this for couple of weeks since the company I am working at is busy closing a few projects.

I have successfully retreieve its password and get those url done processing.

But I am having trouble to make a fake request to the server.

because some header attributes .NET won’t let me alter. I have to use socket to make my own http request.

This makes me feel annoying and don’t want to face it now.

I think I will just move to another project for a while until some help comes along or  one day I want to download something from ziddu.