Magnify your desktop and draw on it.

ZoomIt v3.03
ZoomIt is a free download tools on Microsoft technet.
I don’t know what lisence it rely on but is should be free to use on your own desktop or giving presentation to others.
It has three main features, zoom in, a color pen to draw or type text, a timer. The first two features are fun and useful enough for you to download it and give it a try.

Tools for web developer, exploring DOM, CSS, JavaScript, etc

It is always a pain in my neck when I want to debug javascript or try some CSS in IE, in contrast with FireBug in Firefox.
I remember reading something about development tool in IE a while back but never really use it.
I finally remember this tool and get it install, give it a few tries.
It has some features which is the same as Firebug, I think it will make life easier with buggy IE.
Here is the link, IE developer toolbar.