2013 boring life summary

上一次更新已經是2012 sept. 了! 其實我早就放棄這個blog, 但回來看一下原來我有在寫的時候真的有人在看!
沒有寫的原因, 其中一個是, 技術方面我已經比較少在研究了, 生活也一成不變, 所以…

不過偶而寫一篇記錄一下也無傷大雅, 整理一下2013的軌跡
九月, 我拆牙套了
今年開始比較認真的學結他, 買了我的PRS EG, 我還蠻喜歡的
XBOX360我賣了, 剩下遊戲片以及一支大搖!!
還在新竹, 同一家公司, 做著相同的事, very f23king boring.
跟肥貓豆豆生活一段日子了, 有貓貓很不錯
強仔結婚了, 難得聚在一起, 在台北玩, 還去宜蘭沖浪

開發軟體方面, 少用了資料庫跟網頁, 多做了很多網路, WPF等東西
最近玩了一下coroana sdk, 還不錯, 還有學了一些javascript event的東西, 有空再寫

2014, 我希望不會再浪費時間, 集中精神在自己真正常做的事上面, 還希望可以多陪家人. 我已經浪費太多時間了


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Full list

My Tool Box

Everyday Apps

FileZilla – FTP server and client

Nero Express – CD and DVD Burning

7-zip – Archiving

CloneSpy – duplicate file management

MediaCoder – Video transform, DVD ripping

Daemon Tool – virtual disc drive

Klmcodec – video codec

Notepad++ – Text Editor

TeamViewer – Machine Remote Control

Wink – Desktop recorder

ZoomIt – Presentation

AntiVir – Anti Virus

CCleaner – temporary files cleaner

ComicViewer – Comic Viewer…

foobar2000 – audio player

PCMan – BBS, Telnet

iSilo – PDA file reader

OpenOffice – office suite

jDownloader – web content downloader

uTorrent – BT client

Lingoes – Dictionary

CamStudio – recording desktop

CrystalDiskMark – hard disk benchmark

CrystalDiskInfo – hard disk diagnose


nLite – bootable unattend windows installation maker

HTTrack – Website Copier

PassUtils – password generator

PDFill – Pdf to Png

Convertz – CHT <-> CHS, text encoding exchanger

Putty – telnet

WinMerge – Compare text file

FSCapture – screen capture

WebShot – capture web page as image

WebLog Expert Lite – free Apache and IIS log analyzer

Expresso – premier regular expression development tool


http://www.iaza.com/ – image manipulation

http://www.pctools.com/guides/password/ – password generator

https://www.yugma.com/ – web conference, remote desktop.

http://maps.google.com – google map…

http://www.ajaxload.info/ – loading gif generator

http://www.webscriptlab.com/ – another loading gif generator, I prefer ajaxload though.

http://textanim.com/ – funny text generator

http://tinyurl.com/ – make your url tiny…

http://browsershots.org/ – browser compatibility test (screen shot)

http://www.spoon.net/Browsers/ – browser compatibility test (sandbox)

http://www.iconfinder.net/ – find icon image

http://www.pagetutor.com/button_designer/index.html – CSS button design tool


OpenXml SDK – develop Open Xml files with .NET

SoapUI – test tool for SOAP web service, there is a RESTUI too.

SandCastle – generate document file for .NET program.

MS Chart Control – MS brought Dundas Chart Control and now MS Chart Control.

AjaxToolKit – Ajax Control for .NET

TierDeveloper – OR Mapping tool

FireBug – Firefox add-on, for web development

CodeRush Xpress – free coding assistant

DevExpress Xperience – Free controls from DevExpress

FxCop – good coding practices checker for .NET

CruiseControl.Net – Continuous integration tool for .NET

CAT.NET – code analysis tool that helps identify common variants of certain prevailing vulnerabilities for .NET

NetBeans – JAVA IDE

NSIS – Software install system

Subversion+Tortoise – version control system

XAMPP – Windows+Apache+MySql+Php+Perl

Joomla – CMS

Html Agility Pack – Html parser


ELMAH – Error logging and handler for .NET

MemCached – distributed cache system