Useful HTML Codes


> > greater than sign
" double quotes
& & ampersand
< &lt; less than sign
&nbsp; non-breaking space
© &copy; copyright sign
® &reg; registered trade mark sign
° &deg; degree sign
± &plusmn; plus-or-minus sign
² &sup2; superscript two – squared
³ &sup3; superscript three – cubed

Full list

My Tool Box

Everyday Apps

FileZilla – FTP server and client

Nero Express – CD and DVD Burning

7-zip – Archiving

CloneSpy – duplicate file management

MediaCoder – Video transform, DVD ripping

Daemon Tool – virtual disc drive

Klmcodec – video codec

Notepad++ – Text Editor

TeamViewer – Machine Remote Control

Wink – Desktop recorder

ZoomIt – Presentation

AntiVir – Anti Virus

CCleaner – temporary files cleaner

ComicViewer – Comic Viewer…

foobar2000 – audio player

PCMan – BBS, Telnet

iSilo – PDA file reader

OpenOffice – office suite

jDownloader – web content downloader

uTorrent – BT client

Lingoes – Dictionary

CamStudio – recording desktop

CrystalDiskMark – hard disk benchmark

CrystalDiskInfo – hard disk diagnose


nLite – bootable unattend windows installation maker

HTTrack – Website Copier

PassUtils – password generator

PDFill – Pdf to Png

Convertz – CHT <-> CHS, text encoding exchanger

Putty – telnet

WinMerge – Compare text file

FSCapture – screen capture

WebShot – capture web page as image

WebLog Expert Lite – free Apache and IIS log analyzer

Expresso – premier regular expression development tool

Online – image manipulation – password generator – web conference, remote desktop. – google map… – loading gif generator – another loading gif generator, I prefer ajaxload though. – funny text generator – make your url tiny… – browser compatibility test (screen shot) – browser compatibility test (sandbox) – find icon image – CSS button design tool


OpenXml SDK – develop Open Xml files with .NET

SoapUI – test tool for SOAP web service, there is a RESTUI too.

SandCastle – generate document file for .NET program.

MS Chart Control – MS brought Dundas Chart Control and now MS Chart Control.

AjaxToolKit – Ajax Control for .NET

TierDeveloper – OR Mapping tool

FireBug – Firefox add-on, for web development

CodeRush Xpress – free coding assistant

DevExpress Xperience – Free controls from DevExpress

FxCop – good coding practices checker for .NET

CruiseControl.Net – Continuous integration tool for .NET

CAT.NET – code analysis tool that helps identify common variants of certain prevailing vulnerabilities for .NET

NetBeans – JAVA IDE

NSIS – Software install system

Subversion+Tortoise – version control system

XAMPP – Windows+Apache+MySql+Php+Perl

Joomla – CMS

Html Agility Pack – Html parser


ELMAH – Error logging and handler for .NET

MemCached – distributed cache system


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