Assign Default File Sort Order in Windows!

標題: 為視窗設定檔案預設排序

This is a very good example of bad design!!
One day I find my default file sorting is messed up, and I want to restore it.
The way to do it is so complicated and hidden almost like Game Cheat Code…

Right click My Computer, choose Explore.
Click on the C: Drive in the left pane.
Click on the View Menu, then choose List.
Right click in the empty whitespace area in the right pane where thefiles get listed.
Choose Arrange Icons By. Pick “Name”.
Verify files are sorted alphabetically. If not, repeat.
Press and hold the control key, then click on the “X” to close


The key here, is that the file open dialog box, and all other similar
controls, use the sort method saved when in “List” view.
If you do it using “Details” view, it won’t fix the dialog box sort order.



How to Rip DVD in for idiot like me

I have evaluate a few popular dvd ripping / transcoding softwares.
Most of them are free.

First thing first, there are some imformation you better know.
The resolution and the frame per second.
Optionally, the audio codec.
You can get these information by using a free software MediaInfo

Then you can pick one of these software to do the ripping.
Next Video Converter
This one is the easiest to use amount all there. Just choose file, choose codec, start.
But this one is not free software. It claim you can use its full features in evaluation version.
The catch is, you can only convert 1hr in 1 day. That is no DVD can be rip in one file.
Any DVD Converter
This one is very popular software recommended by many people from forums.
A little bit more difficult than Next Video Converter but still point and click easy.
With no limitation and free.
This one is free and the most power amount these three softwares.
The trade off is, this one is not easy to use. I am going to walkthrough MediaCoder.

Run MediaCoder, press the add file icon on the upper left. Choose the dvd.
There are many files in a dvd. Usually there will be a VTS_01_0.IFO
with not much file size and many .VOB with bigger file size. Choose the .IFO.
Then there are many tab windows on the lower left.
We are going through them one by one.
Generic tab – output folder and etc, nothing special.
Video tab – this one is very important. We choose our video codec here.
I usually use H.264 since it is High quality video implementation of Mpeg-4.
And it is very popular choice. Then choose Bitrate-based mode. This variable is responsible for the file size and which will affect the video quality. Storage space is cheap so I use 1024, you may use any rate you like. Then on the right, there is a x264 tab. Profile select high, predictor frames 6, Motion Est. Mode Hexagonal, Range 16, B-Frames 5, subpel refinement 7.
Audio tab – select Nero Encoder, on the right Nero Encoder tab, select HE-ACC V2, CBR, 192 kbps.
Container tab – container use AVI
Picture tab – frame rate 30, click ‘effect’, will pop up a dialog, this one is important, De-interlacce choose YADIF, then you can preview the outcome. Click ok when finished.
Subtitle tab – set an ID.

This is it. Click start and lay back.

BSOD on Vista, Good Job M$

display driver atikmdag stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

Come on M$, admit it! face it! solve it!
No matter you are using ATi or NVidia, the problem occurs, Vista only, XP with the same spec works just fine.
And my problem occur just after some auto update/patch to Vista.
This do not need an expert to *firgure out* that it is a Vista problem!
And did I mention some expert did some sophisticated trial to make sure it is your OS problem?

Please don’t answer with over heat, hardware failure, over clock and blahblahblah shit.

Intelligence program is good program! 有智慧的程式就是好程式!

I have read and refactor quite a few projects/programs that coded by my colleagues or former colleagues. And of course refactoring my own projects source code too. Here is something that I feel deeply in my heart.
Just like how to define beauty, how to define what is a good program or coding practice is not something that has an exact correct answer. But there is some traces or characteristics which make you feel like, Ah~ this is good. On the contrary, some of them give you, Oh~ da#n it, you son of the bXtch!
There is one very remarkable thing that justify a program or source code between these two is, is the program smart or not?
If a program doesn’t do any checking or validation to the input, or do nothing about controlling the input, it is stupid.
If a programmer do not think about “what if something like that happen”, do nothing about it, for example, what if the connection is broken during some process, he is stupid.
If a program that doesn’t contain any setup or setting for the user when it should, definitely stupid.
If a programmer *assume* something or anything when writing the program, for example, assuming you have the administrator right. The outcome program will be very stupid.
If a programmer compile a program, success, and go through a perfect procedure using the program, telling you that he/she has done testing it. The program and the programmer is both stupid.
These sorts of look like stupid mistakes which you and I may think you will never make are the most command mistakes I encounter during my refactoring process. So what is going on?
You know what, stupid programs comes from stupid programmers.

Using SVN (Tortoise) on local binary files

Well, I used to use svn on software development.

But I never setup the svn server, that’s not my resposibility.

When I play some games recently, I start to think,

maybe I can do a version control on autosave game.

Then I use tortoise, a svn client and Diablo 2 to test it.

Tortoise is claimed to be a svn client, but the thing is, it works

just like a server on local files. hmm, makes me wonder what ‘client’ means.

anyway, here is the flow of how to use it on game save.

1. create a folder for your repository.

and then right-click on it, select ‘create repository …’

then just use default setting.

2. go to the game save folder, right-click, select ‘import…’

search the repository folder in your file system, import into it.

3. delete you files in the game save folder.

then right-click on the folder, select ‘check out…’

3. check out those files, then you are ready, those files are now monitored by svn.

if they are modified, a red cross will be shown, you can then commit new version to the repository.

if you want to revert to previous game save, just delete all files, right-click, choose ‘revert…’

Have fun with version control.

Ubuntu 用kopete上msn+scim打中文


sudo apt-get install scim-qtimm
im-switch -s scim_xim
update-alternatives: Cannot find alternative ‘/etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/scim_xim’
但不用理他,現在Restart X window就可以了(ctrl+alt+backspace)