VS2008 Most Use Hot Key

Ctrl+J 啟動IntelliSense
Ctrl+Tab 輪跳到某個Tab
Shift+Alt+Enter 全畫面寫程式!!
Ctrl+E->D 自動重整程式碼
F7/Shift+F7 轉換成程式碼/設計檢視
Ctrl+K->C/Ctrl+K->U 變成/取消Comment
F12/shift+F12 移到定義/找出所有參考
Ctrl+Shift+S 儲存全部
Ctrl+G 到某一行
Shift+Del 刪除整行
Ctrl+left/Ctrl+right 用一個字做單位移動


Unable to find manifest signing certificate in the certificate store.

When I compile a leftover project from my colleague, this error comes out. I don’t know what that is and why my colleague need it. I guess he doesn’t know either.

Go to project properties->signature->uncheck signing ClickOnce.

I guess it is something like source protection maybe.